I’m Ronnie, an intermediate level Powerlifter from the UK, who also dabbles in other strength sports such as Olympic Weightlifting and Bodybuilding.

I began my Powerlifting journey in 2017, where I fell in love with the process of pushing my limits and strength.

Throughout my involvement in the sport, I have learned many things and decided to create this website as a place to share my experiences as I progress in my Powerlifting journey.

I have always been an avid fitness fanatic and am currently working towards becoming a certified fitness coach and nutritionist to turn my passion into a full time career.

My current total is a modest 805lbs (365kg) which is comprised of a 265lbs (120kg) Squat, a 353lbs (160kg) Deadlift and a 187lbs (85kg) Bench Press.

​Although I don’t compete yet (for obvious reasons!), I fit into the 66kg weight class and one day hope to improve enough to compete at (at least) a local level.


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For any enquiries, please email info@powerliftingperfection.com