Adidas Power Perfect 3 Review | The Best Budget Weightlifting Shoe?

Adidas Power Perfect 3

The Adidas Power Perfect 3s are another entry-level shoe from Adidas. You would think this would make them fairly similar to the Powerlift 4s but there are several very big differences between the two.

The Adidas Power Perfect 3s are right up there with the best Weightlifting Shoes available and considering their price, this is no small feat!

Read on to find out the details that make these shoes so great.

Adidas Power Perfect 3 General Review

Quick Stats

The below measurements relate to a US size 10 shoe.

  • Weight 498g
  • Length 297mm
  • Max Width 105mm
  • Heel Width 75mm
  • Heel Height* 34mm

*The heel height is the height from the floor to the foot, not the effective heel height which takes into consideration the toe drop.


On first impression of the Power Perfect 3s, I wasn’t particularly enthused by the looks. There was something very Frankenstein’s Monster about them. When compared to Adidas’ other current Weightlifting Shoes; the Adipower 2 and the Powerlift 4, you can see that the design here has gone in a completely different direction.

An interesting feature of the Power Perfect 3 is that the mid-foot strap is a little higher up the foot than most other Weightlifting Shoes.

Starting at the toe and the tongue, we have a mesh whilst a small band runs around the front of the toe box, possibly as protection from wear. We then transition to a synthetic leather feeling material on the sidewalls that comes around the back of the shoe with a small addition at the bottom which appears to be in place to stiffen up the heel cup.

The strap and the Achilles of the shoe are then a further material which I can only describe as a suede.

In truth, it doesn’t seem like a lot but taking the Powerlift 4 for example, it just feels like a much more cohesive unit and this isn’t an ugly shoe at all. One thing Adidas are good at is not making a Weightlifting Shoe that looks like a bowling shoe, which a lot of manufacturers are prone to and although not as good to look at as the Powerlift 4 or Adipower 2, this is still a perfectly nice looking shoe.

Rating – 6/10


The fit of the Adidas Power Perfect 3 is generally very good. I tried them out in a US size 10 and all areas conformed well with my foot shape.

Tightness seems to be more focused towards the back of the shoe with it opening out a lot more at the front, which suits me well, and because of this, heel slip is pretty much nonexistent.

An interesting feature of the Power Perfect 3 is that the mid-foot strap is a little higher up the foot than most other Weightlifting Shoes. I thought this would be an issue at first, but I really liked this feature. It held my foot in place a lot better than even some of the higher-end Weightlifting Shoes and having experienced this, I really wish more manufacturers would go down this route.

It would have been interesting to see how this shoe felt with a second strap lower down. As mentioned, things did start to open up past the strap and I wonder if a second strap would help alleviate this, but it’s not a big deal.

There was some extra space in front of the toe, but it didn’t cause any problems, most likely due to the back of the shoe being suitably tight, and if I’m being overly picky I would have liked a bit more arch support but in reality, there’s nothing major to complain about at all with the fit of the Power Perfect 3.

Rating – 8/10


The Power Perfect 3 is perfectly flexible, but not overly so.

I’ve said in many articles now that I prefer a more rigid shoe, but if you’re someone who partakes in more dynamic lifts, such as Olympics lifts or WODs, then the Power Perfect 3 stands up well. In fact, it strikes a really good balance between flexibility and performance that so many Weightlifting Shoes fail at.

I moaned about the varying materials spoiling the looks of the shoe, however, when I start to look at it from other perspectives, I’m glad Adidas went down this route.

The mesh material provides all the flexibility you need around the toe and plenty of breathability to boot. However, when we consider the synthetic sides and back, these provide that little bit more rigidity without detracting from the overall comfort.

One issue I did notice was that my heel did start to feel noticeably uncomfortable after prolonged use. Whether this is an issue for you or not will depend on how you use your Weightlifting Shoes. If you tend to take them off between and after sets then I doubt this is something you’ll notice. If you like to wear your Weightlifting Shoes throughout your entire workout then you may encounter problems.

Other than this small issue, the Power Perfect 3 is more than comfortable and should suit most people.

Rating – 8/10

Straps & Lacing

I mentioned the mid-foot strap already, its an excellent deviation from the usual mid-foot design so top marks for innovation here.

The lacing is great on the Power Perfect 3 too. The laces feel durable and robust and all eyelets have metal inserts too so I have no concerns over these wearing out with time. Equally, because the side walls are a separate material to the toe and tongue, this makes tightening and loosening the laces a breeze as nothing is restricting this other than your foot.

Overall, a very well designed system here, however, I would have loved to see what a second strap

would have added.

Rating – 8/10


Grip is not an issue for the Power Perfect 3s. They even scored better than the Adipower 2s, which is surprising given the Adipowers are the more expensive shoe!

You can check out how the Power Perfect 3 ranks in the Powerlifting Perfection Grip Test.

Rating – 8/10



For what could be considered more of an entry-level shoe, I thought the Power Perfect 3 performed outstandingly in the Squat! I’m glad that they went with the 0.75” heel on this, which was sadly missing from the Powerlift 4s. Granted its a minor difference but my ankles were definitely thankful for it.

The higher metatarsal strap also got a big thumbs up from me, my foot felt rooted into the shoe throughout the entire lift and in keeping with the theme of stability, the flat out-sole provided all the support that I needed to keep me balanced and in place.

My only negative when it comes to Squat performance was that the upper was a bit more flexible than I would have preferred and as mentioned, there was a lot of space in the toe box, but these were very minor complaints in what is overall a very good shoe.

Bench Press

The Power Perfect 3 is possibly one of the best shoes (if not the best) I have used for the Bench Press and lives up to its ‘Perfect’ name. The raised heel really helps with the Bench Press as it made it easier for my stubby legs to reach the floor and also provided enough elevation to form a solid arch in my back. If you’re a shorter individual such as myself, this shoe could be a fantastic option to consider.

I mentioned the strap previously, and again, it does a solid job of holding my foot in place. Given the larger than normal toe box, I had initially thought I would run into issues with my foot shifting down but the strap holds up particularly well.

Olympic Lifts

Finally, looking at more dynamic use with the Olympic Lifts, and the Power Perfect 3 continues to impress! The balance between rigidity and flexibility in this shoe really lends itself to the Snatch and Clean & Jerk, providing enough give to move efficiently whilst still maintaining great support for balance and stability. I don’t have any complaints when using this shoe.

Very few Weightlifting Shoes have achieved such a well-rounded performance and its a hard thing to do considering all the varying needs of each lift, but somehow the Adidas Power Perfect 3 manages it. This shoe really is a winner!

Rating – 9/10


Now the biggest plus of the Power Perfect 3, the price. It’s pretty comparable with the Powerlift 4 in this department, in fact having looked around I found there was a lot of crossover between the two depending on what shoe size or color scheme I looked at, sometimes the Power Perfect 3 was cheaper, sometimes the Powerlift 4 was cheaper.

Either way, considering the performance of this shoe, the price is a bargain!

You can check out the latest prices at Amazon.

Rating – 10/10

Final Thoughts

The Adidas Power Perfect 3 is absolutely one of my favorite Weightlifting Shoes, it does so well in so many areas, and considering the price, its an outstanding achievement by Adidas.

If you’re looking at your first foray into Weightlifting Shoes, I can’t recommend it enough, in fact, don’t even hesitate, just buy it now!

If you’re looking for similar alternatives to the Adidas Power Perfect 3, the Reebok Legacy Lifter 2 is another fantastic weightlifting shoe worth considering.

Overall Rating – 8.3/10

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