Adidas Powerlift 4 vs Power Perfect 3

Adidas Powerlift 4 vs Power Perfect 3

The Adidas Powerlift 4 and Power Perfect 3 are considered by many to be two of the best budget Powerlifting/Weightlifting Shoes currently on the market. Both offer several great features whilst remaining cheap enough not to break the bank.

But which shoe is better? In this article, we’ll look at some of the key features and provide a direct, head to head comparison between each shoe to help you determine which one is right for you. Be sure to check out my reviews of both the Powerlift 4 and the Power Perfect 3 as well if you’re looking for a bit more in-depth detail.


It’s not always the most important factor when it comes to choosing a Weightlifting Shoe but for the majority, it’s still something that factors into their buying decision.

For me, the Powerlift 4 wins this round, no question. I mentioned it previously in my review of the Power Perfect 3s, but to me, they just look like a mish-mash of different materials were thrown together, its just not a very cohesive design, in my opinion. Who knows though, some of you out there may quite like it!

The Powerlift 4s however, have just the canvas material spanning the entirety of the upper, which provides a stylish look, particularly in the grey color scheme. Finished off with the iconic Adidas logo, they’re a shoe that wouldn’t look out of place in everyday wear (ignoring for the obvious comfort issues that a Weightlifting Shoe would bring in everyday wear of course). For me, this is the key difference, the Powerlift looks like an ordinary training shoe, whereas the Power Perfect 3 doesn’t.

1st Adidas Powerlift 4

2nd Adidas Power Perfect 3

Fit & Feel

Both shoes have pros and cons here.

The Powerlift 4 has a much more universally accessible fit and should suit most foot shapes and sizes. Equally, the lower heel raise is a much easier choice for someone who isn’t used to the raised heel of a Weightlifting Shoe or who wants to use the shoe outside of Weighlifting centric movements. Some may find the lack of arch support a problem however, so something to bear in mind if you have particularly high arches. Towards the toe, the lacing can cause the canvas material to bunch in towards the foot if tightened enough, which could prove annoying over time.

The Power Perfect 3 has a generally good fit from the heel through to the mid-foot, however, starts to lose points at the toe box due to being unusually large and roomy, in some cases, it’s been reported that space in front of the toe was close to an inch when sticking to normal shoe size. In my own personal opinion, there was a noticeable amount of space but I actually liked this and it didn’t detract from the shoe in any way.

It may be a good idea to consider sizing down but it’s hard to say whether this will then cause issues in other areas of the shoe though.

One feature I particularly loved about the Power Perfect 3 was the metatarsal strap. This was positioned slightly higher up the shoe and helped to lock my foot in place, preventing any unnecessary shifting around inside the shoe.

The Power Perfect 3 also wins in breathability, that canvas material on the Powerlift 4 is prone to retain heat a bit easier and could lead to a lot more warmth and sweat in individuals who are more susceptible to it.

It’s a tough call between the two here, but I feel the Power Perfect 3 will appeal to a lot more people overall and certainly is my own preferred choice.

1st Adidas Power Perfect 3

2nd Adidas Powerlift 4


The Power Perfect 3 wins the performance round. That’s not to say the Powerlift 4 is a bad performing shoe, because it isn’t, but the Power Perfect 3 just outclassed it in almost every lift.

I’m primarily a Powerlifter, so I like to judge my shoe’s performance on the Squat, Deadlift, and Bench Press and for the Squat and Bench Press, I like my heel to be raised as much as I can get away with. Naturally, this means that the Power Perfect 3 is a better choice for me with its 0.75” raise versus the Powerlift 4’s 0.6” raise. It’s not a huge difference, but it’s enough.

As mentioned above, I also really love the higher strap on the Power Perfect 3, I can’t stress enough how much more locked in it made my foot feel.

Looking at Olympic lifts, like the Clean & Jerk or Snatch, where quite a bit more dynamic movement is required, both shoes had flexibility in spades so there wasn’t a lot to separate them in this regard. I still feel the Power Perfect 3 edges it though as that higher heel is a bit more forgiving with my immobile ankles and it also offers a touch more stability through the sides and heel.

1st Adidas Power Perfect 3

2nd Adidas Powerlift 4


This was a difficult factor to compare, as depending where I looked prices varied quite a lot. Sometimes the Powerlift 4s were cheaper, sometimes the Power Perfect 3s were cheaper. In fact, I was actually able to find as much as a $30 difference in the same shoe just by changing the color.

Overall though, the Powerlift 4s were generally the cheaper option so naturally, they are going to win this round. Although it should be noted that the Power Perfect 3 offers exceptional value for money overall.

You can check the latest prices of each shoe below:

Adidas Powerlift 4 Latest Price

Adidas Power Perfect 3 Latest Price

1st Adidas Powerlift 4

2nd Adidas Power Perfect 3

Final Thoughts

So, both shoes won two rounds each. Unfortunately for the Powerlift 4, it was in Performance that the Power Perfect 3 came out on top, which I weigh a lot heavier in my decision making than Fit & Feel, Price, and especially Looks.

For that reason, I stand behind the Power Perfect 3s and maintain my opinion that they are one of the best Weightlifting Shoes currently going, and that includes more premium shoes too. That said, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the Powerlift 4s as well, as they are a very solid budget option.

Both the Adidas Powerlift 4 and Power Perfect 3 are excellent Weightlifting Shoes on a budget. Whether it be Powerlifting or Weightlifting movements, both perform very well and I think, no matter which way you go, you’ll be happy with your choice.

1st Adidas Power Perfect 3

2nd Adidas Powerlift 4