Powerlifting Jokes (That are Actually Funny)

powerlifting jokes

Ok, I lied, some of these jokes are truly awful! Apparently, Powerlifting is no laughing matter!

That said, I have done my best to collate some of the best (and worst) Powerlifting jokes from around the internet and display them in one easily accessible location.

I have no idea why you might be looking for Powerlifting jokes in the first place. Maybe you’re hosting a meet and need some material to entertain the crowd, maybe you just want to annoy your lifting partner during a training session. No matter the reason, I hope you enjoy at least some of these jokes and I take no responsibility for the bad ones!

So, without further ado, here are 11 of the “best” Powerlifting jokes on the internet!

11 Powerlifting Jokes

  1. A Powerlifter recently broke his personal best at the bench press after months of trying. When asked how he felt he said; “It’s a huge weight off my chest!”.
  2. What do *insert local football team* and a bad Powerlifter have in common? They both have a weak bench!
  3. What did the Powerlifter say when he released he had run out of protein? “No whey!?”.
  4. You might be a Powerlifter when you can only count in increments of 45!
  5. Powerlifting is the only sport where being on the bench would be considered a good thing!
  6. What is a Chef’s least favorite type of Powerlifting? Raw!
  7. You might be a Powerlifter when you can use your hands as an alternative to sandpaper!
  8. How many Powerlifters does it take to change a lightbulb? Three. One to change the lightbulb, two for spotting!
  9. Why did the Powerlifter get evicted from their home? Because they were squatting!
  10. A Powerlifter had been training for months but his Deadlift wasn’t improving. When asked why he responded, “I guess it’s just not working out!”
  11. CrossFit. (I kid, I kid!)

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